10 Teens You Wont Believe Actually Exist

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Cassidy Hooper this 16 year old girl born in North Carolina is unlike any other this is because she was born without eyes or nose and disabilities have not limited her she attended a public school for the blind and even runs on the track team and plays in the curling team it's a mystery as to why Cassidy was born without facial features and the chances are one in millions grant body in 2015.

14-year-old grand body from Arkansas,giant insect,giant insect inside ear

14-year-old grand body from Arkansas work up an excruciating pain after attending the doctors it was revealed that he had discovered a 4-inch centipede in his ear instead of laying the doctor handle it. he pulled the giant insect from his ear himself the shocking photo of the centipede that was in his ear is enough to make anyone cringe.

Brittany Marshall, Brittany marshals whole family has breast implants in 2012 pretty turn 14 and said that she didn't want breast implants and wanted to study and travel the world instead my mother has spent over 50,000 pounds and breast implants for herself and her four daughters mother described the 14-year-old is going for a funny face because she didn't want the influence.

Twinkle, a 13-year-old girl,bleed from eye,religious phenomena

Twinkle, a 13-year-old girl from moving in India stuff is a very bizarre disease the girl bleeds from her head her hands and her feet, however, the most awful place she bleeds is from her eyes some see her as religious phenomena comparing her to the weeping Virgin Mary statue and even demonic possession.

Lucy Maria,Lucy has pale skin and ginger hair loss to Maria is black with curly

Lucy Maria, Lucia Maria Alma 18-year-old twins from the UK despite being twins they are not identical. Lucy has pale skin and ginger hair loss to Maria is black with curly here the parents are black and white but despite the usual mix ratio children they are opposites when it comes to looks the religious service.

this 19-year-old Indian girl is trapped inside the body of a toddler she has a rare medical disorder mean she can't grow bigger than a toddler she is two and a half feet tall and weighs only 12 kilograms she cannot sit up or carry an earthen meaning her mother has to support a full time she supports herself financially by creating artwork.

Mahindra, here was this 12 year old boy from central India suffers a rare condition that makes his head in and his neck hanging from his body his parents say that his life is so hard a driver he would be dead his parents have taken him to over 50 doctors he is yet to be diagnosed he has to be carried everywhere by his parents and they query how they will carry him when he is older.

Kavita Kamari in 2015, a 5-foot hairball was removed from the stomach of a 15-year-old Indian girl. Kavita Kamari this was because she had an addiction to eating her hair and other people have, she had consumed so much hair that she was unable to drink water she was also barely able to stand up on her own due to her terrible condition.

Julia Vins, this 18-year-old girl,opposite sex,physique strong,arm strong girl,best hawk

Julia Vins, this 18-year-old girl from Russia has the face of a Barbie doll of the body of the hawk. she says she thinks her big build makes her look sexy that it divides the opposite sex by having physique is obviously very popular. she currently has almost 150,000 Instagram followers

Precinct Kalra, this 15-year-old from Punjab India is nicknamed rubber boy due to his flexibility he's able to contort his body into extremely painful looking positions he taught himself how to rotate his head 180 degrees and his arms in a free hundred and sixty degrees circle at a young age despite the cringe-worthy looking positions he says that he has never faced any discomfort or pain, which teen amazed you the most.


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