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The secret that lies beneath all magic tricks and illusions is the people actually do want to be tricked and to believe in magic. the voice of reason tells us that it is simply impossible to soar a woman in half and then just glue it back together nonetheless we smile joyously as children and give the magician a round of generous applause. we started to upset you but this video is going to shatter a myth of the existence of magic as it reveals a few secrets of some world-renowned illusionists so these are 5 famous magic tricks revealed. Let’s get started.
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Walking on water

Walking on water is every magician's dream trick until the 24th century only one person was known to have pulled it off and then we're talking Bible times. Nowadays the technologies have developed to make this trick accomplishable. among the first delusion is to show it to the world with Stephen frame known to the public as dynamo the Sun was certainly eye-catching as the British magician has presumably walked across the river Thames right in front of the houses of parliament his secrets apparently is a massive floating platform of Plexiglas anchored by the riverbank. in fact if dynamo was to perform the action is swimming pool filled with the wonderfully transparent chlorinated water the platform would be seen with the naked eye think of the River Thames instead its water is so dark Tripoli and dirty that even if the illusionist decided to walk upon drowned bodies adorned with motley feathers no one would even notice.

Breaking free from the Chinese water torture cell

This trick was designed and performed in 1912 by the brilliant Escape Artist Harry Houdini. since then breaking free from a water-filled tank and got a reputation of one of the most complicated tricks in the world actually there are several ways of pulling it off the main secrets of the stunts lies in the tanks locks and of course in the impressive physical training of the illusionist who are dead to perform it while the magician's assistant secured the box of the lid the artists would serve to sleep remove pivots from the hinges attaching the lid to the tank. then in order to get out, he would only have two tenses abdominal muscles pull himself together do a quick flip turn over and come up for air at this point. You might think big deal anyone could do that but actually Chinese water torture cell is considered a truly death-defying Act just think about it the trick requires a performer to be hanging upside down for three minutes at least that alone makes a serious challenge add to that the immersion underwater, physical exertion and the danger of falling unconscious because we intense blood flow to your brain at the end of the equation we get not just an ordinary trick but a dangerous life-threatening stunts. it's amazing how far an illusionist is willing to go just to amuse the public.

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat

This trick is probably the first spring to mind when you think of magic and trickery it used to be so popular that it had become a symbol of illusionists all around the globe there are three ways to perform it the most obvious and easiest one is to make sure you have a table with a hidden drawer big enough to fit a rabbit. the Hat must also have a concealed aperture then a magician can simply reach through the hat into a compartment within the table below the second way consists of a special trick top hat more specifically in a secret compartment on its bottom where you hide a rabbit during the performance. You don't have to slide the compartment door open and grip hold of the rabbit the third ways to put the rabbit in a makeshift sack and attach it to the hook under the table in front of you with the help of simple hand movements lift the Hat quickly and insert the bag into. It all that's left now is to utter some magic words perhaps wave your magic wand a bit for dramatic effect and pull a rabbit from the house to the delight of the ground.


invented in the 19th century the trick metamorphosis has won the hearts of the audience for its visual appeal almost all famous magicians gave it a girl including the great Houdini each one of them did it in their own way but the most spectacular performance was offered by Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon husband-and-wife duo brought it to perfection reducing the time for the transfer 22 seconds in this stunt Charlotte ties her husband up in a bag before locking him in an apparently solid chest she then leaps atop the chest and raises a curtain learning. it's a momentarily conceal herself in the blink of an eye Jonathan emerges revealing that the spouses of swap places when the chest is opened. Mrs. Pendragon is found inside the bag with the knots and seals unbroken. What’s their secret? well the apparently solid chest actually had no back in the bag in which the first performer is placed and a zip in the base for easy escape having gotten himself free from both the sack and the chest Jonathan would wait for the curtain to drop down as he went through the motions of unlocking the box Charlotte had time to accommodate yourself in the sack essentially their secret is skill and impeccable timing.

Catching a bullet

The bullet catch is one of the oldest and most respected stunts in the magician community it had been perfected for centuries until the track reached his pinnacle in the performance of Penn & Teller simultaneously foreign guns at each other and catching bullets with their mouths the most important thing that makes the bullet-catch trick go so smoothly is the artful work of hands jaws and time the bullets which the performers demonstrates volunteers from the audience of fake they burst as soon as they fired you may ask then how about the marks that the volunteers Levon projectiles magicians announced in a loud voice which letters or pictures they drew a bullet casing at the same time and a system backstage post the same symbols on to empty casings the performers approach clothes racks and start putting on safety vests and masks take note of the fact that the rack stand close to the stage curtain, this is a key moment both magicians turn away from the camera and the audience can see their faces at this moment the assistance plays freshly signed bullets into their mouths. now it's time to admire the performers eloquence he gives a whole speech about the dangers of firearms still having a bullet tucked behind his cheek the rest is a question of technique and thorough rehearsal a point a gun at the performance partner aim carefully fire fake bullets and then covered by smoke screen manage to relocate the projectile from the cheeks to their teeth now as you have learned a few secrets of the world's most famous magicians don't rush to blame them for fraud remember the purpose of all these tricks and illusions is to entertain the audience and make them believe it's magic for which there is so little left in everyday life.


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