20 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez

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she has a heart of gold the face of an angel and a career that launched when she was only seven years old today we're going to talk about 20 quick facts about Selena Gomez.

20-selena is BFFs with Taylor swift it may be Taylor's longest relationship because the duo met over 10 years and were instant friends Selena even help Swift show off her hashtag squad goals by appearing alongside other famous ladies and Swift same as bad blood video.

19-salinas mother would have been a great cast member for MTV's teen mom because she gave birth to Selena when she was only 16 years old over parents stay together to the time of her birth they eventually split the senior was five years old.

18-the songstress is a true dog lover and has even publicly advocated for animal rescues Selena has six adopted futures herself ship Willy Beano Wallace Chaz and Baylor she adopted Baylor while she was torn in Canada where she met up with her now ex Justin Bieber.

17-selena has a rather quirky fruit palette a few of her favorite foods include whole lemons with salt popcorn with pickle juice and the crust of pizza the pop princess has even admitted that she wants to invent pickle flavor chewing gum.

16-though she has been linked to some hunky men in the past Selena is weirded out by dating she worries that her dates make google her before their date the singer is known to have a baby face and worried that it may turn off older men that she would want to date.

15-the name Selena means the moon in Greek and the singer was named after the late Queen of Tejano Selena Quintanilla who passed away three years before Gomez was born

14-selena is known to have many philanthropic endeavors and 2009 and she was 17 she became the youngest-ever UNICEF ambassador Selena traveled on mission trips with the organization to Ghana and chili.

13-when Selena was younger she was obsessed with Britney spears the senior even gushed about how Spears' baby one more time concert was her first now the singer has spread her musical tastes and said to be influenced by Bruno mars Rihanna Skrillex and she still has mad love for her girl Brittany.

12-in the world of social media Selena is one of the big dogs she's the most followed personal Instagram or social media posts alone could be worth 550 thousand dollars each.

11-selena has a weird eating happen but it doesn't stop there the senior has said the secret to her great singing voice is drinking olive oil straight so it doesn't taste great it helps protect her voice.

10-Selena was an Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque when she chose to pose for a photo she then proceeded to flash your ankle for the camera this is a big no-no in the mosque as it forbid intimate behavior in state skirts must be angling.

9-Selena started receiving backlash for the photo it was quickly deleted off her Instagram account 932 started acting at the age of seven when she landed a role on Barney and Friends Gomez says she was shy and had no idea where to stand and where the camera was while acting on the show she made friends with another future Disney star Demi Lovato.

8-in 2016 fans were shocked when Gomes canceled her revival tour due to anxiety and depression she explained that these were side effects of her autoimmune disease lupus is a chronic condition with a body makes antibodies attack themselves.

7-if Serena had magical powers it would be to make food of here whenever she was hungry the Stinger loves food she has a cheeseburger assistant for when she walks red carpets.

6-gomez was discovered at a Disney casting call soon after she was a guest star on the suite life of zack & Cody she even had a recurring role on Miley Cyrus's show Hannah Montana but it took three tries for her to land her own starring role in a Disney show.

5-Selena had her first kiss at the age of 14 though it may not be as romantic as she would hope in fact it was just awkward the star was acting on the suite life of zack & Cody when the script called for her kid's castmate Dylan Sprouse on camera.

4-Salinas favorite actresses Rachel McAdams the star even froze up when McAdams showed up in the same acting class make Adams role for Regina George in the movie mean girls is the role Selena would want to play if it was ever turned into a musical.

3-in the movie Horton hears a who toledo voice 90 different voices Gomez plays the daughter of the mayor of who will, it just so happens that the mayor has 90 daughters.

2-the Jonas brothers made purity ring's famous and Selena started rocking one while dating nick Jonas but when she started dating Justin Bieber the ring came off when asked about it Selena stated I didn't think I was doing anything bad by falling in love.

1-Selena had a career way before Justin Bieber he claims it was he who put the star on the map the pair came out as a couple when they hit the red carpet in 2011 then the famous on-again-off-again relationship kept tabloids and radio waves busy the two finally called it quits in October of 2014 fans are still hoping that the pair will find their way back to one another. do you think they will what are some of your favorite Selena facts react in the comments section below.

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