How to check for counterfeit money

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When you're a cashier one of your responsibilities is checking for counterfeit money. We have a marker pen, you can slide your pen, cross your bill and it comes out yellow if it were counterfeit it's going to look like this, it turns black.

Now the best way to check for counterfeit money is by using a little light and shining your light underneath the bill Where you see the strip where it says, "USA 5"and the watermark Same way on a 50USA 50 and watermark same thing with the 100 USA 100 and watermark, if you do come across a counterfeit you get a good inscription of the person with the counterfeit money which is why it is very important to pay attention to every person that does walk in the store so that way you are aware of what's going on.

Now we will discuss what to do if we do receive a counterfeit bill. You will of course find your manager in the store your manager will call the authorities but try to keep the passer from leaving the store if the passerby chance does happen to leave the store you want to make sure you get a full description for the proper authorities to let them know and get the license plate number off the car If you receive a counterfeit bill you might want to put it in an envelope where it's safe or maybe a clear plastic bag but try to limit the handling of the bill as much as possible remember to write your initials on the little white bar of the bill and by all means you want to remain calm, cool, and collected.


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