Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects

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Let’s have a look at me 21 things and therefore let's go.

general powder products ,creamy products

All makeup products you'll notice that this is little symbol on the back with a number it's usually what 6 12 or 24 depending on the product this is actually telling you what the shelf life of that particular makeup product in and in general powder products a lot longer than creamy products MS cars tend to have the shortest shelf life of all makeup which makes them the other thing you may notice is some chips have a batch number at the top and you can actually go to a website and search the batch number to find out when that part of was manufactured so you're not fine product that's like three years old and just sitting on the show so I good idea the next time you open to makeup products to get some washi tape and write the date of when the product will expire all you need to do is count three months from the day you everything through with most part.

there's a hole at the end of the handle and this is obviously for hanging them up but they actually have another use and that is to place your wooden spoon on and I’m always looking for something to put my spirit when I cook like either you have to use an extra plate place it on the lid and everything but you can actually use the end of the handle for this and even catches the drips because of the angle it's a life-changing guide super life-changing.

spaghetti strangers

you guys have one of these spaghetti strangers at home you may notice that there's a little hole on the bottom and this whole is not just there for extra drainage it's actually there so that you can measure one serving of spaghetti so if you're cooking for yourself and you want to know how much to cook if you just put a bunch of getting through this whole you would ever make a mistake of cooking too much and you.

hole next to your camera on the back camera,Iphone7,Iphone6, Hole on Iphone

it is this little hole next to your camera on the back camera and I never knew what is for I was like events just in that area but apparently it's a tiny my preferred I want this my friend actually does it takes away the ambient noise from the main wiper fire so that you sound crystal clear to the other side.

hole in pen, pen hole, hole pen cap

when I found that out I thought that was pretty everything ever wonder why does the hole in your pen lid the reason is actually pretty shocking it just stops kids from trucking to death if they accidentally inhaled the pin so I found this pretty crazy statistic online you ever thought that this would ever happen apparently a hundred people trip to death on pin lives every single year in the US but so that's the reason why companies like big started putting holes in their lids so in case people did trip on it still allows the air to posture giving them time to seek medical attention so that they can go and get it removed.

erasers we'd like a white side and a blue side,eraser

so you know these erasers we'd like a white side and a blue side i always thought when I was a kid that the blue side was used to erase pen i still think that to this day so when I try to write pen or with the blue side it got rid of the pen a bit but it also I got rid of my paper so then I found out the blue side of the eraser wasn't actually for rubbing out pen is actually full rubbing out pencil as well but on on graphic paper that's a little bit thicker so when you usually watch or soft decide on this kind of paper you'll find that you'll smudge before and actually removes the pencil white so the blue side we'll just you raise it without smudging.

That’s what it's for? who knew this is at the bottom of every staple of is the metal plate and you can actually reverse this by popping it up and twisting it and what this does is when you staple something it actually turns the edge out instead of in like a normal staple this old painting instead of safely by putting something together it is actually much easier to remove you can even just grab a pair of scissors and do this.

Exacto knife,snapper for your blade,extra blaze

we ever need to temporarily put any pieces of paper together you can try this method instead of fully speaker so you've ever blunted your Exacto knife and you want to shop edge again there's these little ridges I give you extra blaze but i always found it super dangerous to be doing this what I found out is actually back of an Exacto knife the plastic bit comes off and can be used as a snapper for your blade if you notice is a tiny tiny reach on the top on all you need to do is insert this into a blade and then nap it don't pull your blade out too far because he wants not more than one so make sure it's really tough in before you do this and after it's not literally one side that shops so you can grab a body blunt side to remove it and throw it in the bin and I don't think this is common knowledge because when I start how to snap an Exacto blade.

The top answer was actually to use a plier and some tape or something so yeah I don't think they actually know about this. I always thought the little leg on the back of my keyboard work for economics but this is not true I mean with your wrist in a neutral position which is completely flat is actually the most economical way to type this is there for people that need to look at the keys to type because flipping it up and probably get up gives you more visibility of the keys you know your way around the keyboard then just leave those legs flat.

if you guys have a ballpoint pen you may notice that little hole on the side of the pen and that is called a vent hall and I didn't know what it was for but apparently when you're riding you actually create a vacuum pressure inside the pen always basically there to release that pressure so the Incan keep coming out of your pen doesn't have a vent hole you may experience like your pink stopping in the middle of your writing if this ever happens what you need to do is sleep in a pot to let some air back in and we're back in and then give it a bit of a flake so that the anchors towards the new you guys know this at this unto you is born.

color box toothpaste, green red blue toothpaste

have you ever needed a little color box at the end of your toothpaste choose their either like red green or blue there's a lot of information online that says that these indicate the actual ingredients that make up the toothpaste like whether its natural mineral that is completely wrong and these little blocks actual color mosque and byproducts of the production process and what they do is they tell the manufacturing machine went to seal it when it's going through it at superfast speeds.

so that's why it's at the end of the magazine you look at your Apple your friends you'll see that there's a bunch of holes on them I never really thought about why hardly been there to let the air in i love vs through unless the diagram of the speaker move more freely which creates a better sound and if you happen to be talking with your friends in fun sounds muffled to yourself again ever notice there's a little switch or tab underneath your review Mira ever tried to flip it actually knew this one already but i know a lot of you guys may not know it so I thought I’d share this with you so we click it you'll actually do the reflection of your mirror so that anyone is driving behind you with high beams that's blinding you actually did it also that you don't get blinded by the head life.

if you look at the gas in your tires little ridges that's it they're like they don't actually provide any additional attraction i was wondering what they're there for so highly that there to tell you when your tires have been worn down so much that it's unsafe to drive on them and it's not really for your safety actually illegal to be driving around in tires and a 1 below the rich as well so make sure you check it and you don't get flashing this I did it my way.

I'm a huge club when it comes to using clean wrap and aluminum foil because every time I go to dispense it I always a drop the rollout and it just goes on the table and starts rolling but did you know that actually tabs on the side of the packaging which you can push in that holds the roll into place so that the next time you go to dispense some it will not fall out I even tested it turn it upside down and it didn't come out I don't even know how I got here without knowing this like what is my life.

ever see the number 37 sign on Heinz ketchup bottles and wonder what it meant I just thought it was a pretty design thing apparently could help you pull this off out so instead of tapping the bottom shaking it violently and having a whole lot of salt come out being that little part of the bottle just a little top dispenses the perfect amount of salt. first I was like this probably isn't true someone how they made it out and apparently, Mr. Hines himself confirmed that if you go to behind website as well they also have this on the website so it's officially they're only eleven percent of people in the world actually know about this join the club.

hole on lock, benefits of hole on lock,interlock,good lock,best lock, frozen lock

Have you ever looked on the underside of your padlocks? you might notice this little hole on the I find out is actually a really good reason why the hallways there apparently the holiest our side of this any water humidity that gets into the lock there's some my part to escape and this because if you're in a cold country and the water or moisture gets in and it freezes it actually destroys the lock mechanism making it impossible to even open your lock so that's why you look at pop-out lost tend to have these and if you're in a cold country better check that's the case before you actually use a look outside or in dogs you're not going to find this hold less like it does. you have water and get frozen when you're inside so next time you look at your lock check underneath and you'll find out whether it's an alcoholic or an interlock.

so we introduce a chocolate shop is a tiny hall at the end of the stick and I always thought it was whistled and I'd always try to play it but like it never ever work at still try the reason that the whole is actually there is so that I can melt a little bit of candy into it so it actually holds a lollipop onto the stick really securely without the hall I'm pretty sure the whole thing will come off very easily.

Have you ever noticed the symbol on plastic containers are always there but sometimes with different numbers? this is called the resin identification code and it's there to tell you what kind of plastic your product is made out of this actually seven kinds of plastic and looking on Google if you want to know more generally 1245 considered the safest the other thing you may notice on your plastic takeaway containers is something telling you whether it's dishwasher or microwavable a check that out as well before you pop into the microwave or dishwasher.

tic-tac container,tic tac fruit

yeah if you've ever been a tic-tac container you might have seen a rich on the underside of the lid actually a tiny little cup that fits 12 attack perfectly if you ever had the problem of having too many tic tac come out this is for you so the proper way to dispense a want attack is to turn it upside down and then slowly open the lid so that only one tic tac comes out onto that little cup.mind-blown....

address in your car,save life by address in your car, benefits of address in you car

address in your car is obviously to rest your head it also protects you from getting whiplash if you suddenly stopped but it's actually one more useful them that could probably save your life I want to show you this video from a Japanese TV sure and if your car is ever so much in water and you need to get out all you need to do is stick it into the corner and then kind of push down like this lady is doing and it will actually break a pop open car winter and the surprising thing is you don't even need to be that strong for this that happen so if this ever happens to you this could actually save your life of us.

remember to comment below and tell me, how many out of anyone guys already near and how many you didn't because I’m super curious to know if he has one like hang with me during the week.


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