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It's like, "Aw, I have to have sex all the time. "My life is so hard. " - [Dimitri] "Meh, poor me. "I'm such a baby. "- [Mallory] When I feel bad, I can't cum, and. . . (groans)- My penis wanted to retreat inside of my body. (suspenseful orchestral music)

On average, we have sex about five times a week. - Oh yeah. - Once a month. - No, we have sex. . . - Twice a month. - Two to three times a week. - Average, during the week we probably have twice, twice or three times. - This sounds so difficult. - I think we're a couple born and bred for this challenge. - Oh, I'm just the kind of person that the minute I have to do something, it's just like. . . - Okay, so rules. - So one, it has to be every day. - At least one of us has to get off every time. - Two, has to go in. - Handles don't count. - Right, they're masturbation. - Three, someone has to cum. - So it doesn't have to be necessarily penetration. - No. - There just has to be climaxing on both parties. - Both parties. - Okay. - Do we get a one day tap out, or no?- I don't think so. It's 30 days, no tap out.  - [Suki] No one day tap out? Okay, fine. - [Dimitri] I'm afraid it's gonna be a matter of being careful what you wish for, you just might get it. (gentle orchestral music)- 

Hi, I'm Dr.  Ava Cadell, I'm a sexologist, an author, and I have my own university. So I've been teaching sex for over 20 years and I love it. The benefits of having regular sex in a relationship are that you have intimate communication. You both feel desired and loved, very important. - It's day one and. . . - So far a success. - How are we feelin'? - I feel great, this is gonna be easy. - The first day went off without a hitch. This challenge should be pretty easy, can't wait to keep it going, I don't see any obstacles in the way. - But I say we started pretty strong, eh?- Yeah and don't count your chickens before they have sex, though. - Sex keeps the chemistry, the juices flowing mentally, physically, emotionally, even spiritually. - I went to sleep last night, then 1:00 AM hits and Kevin is nudging me while I'm sleeping. He's like, "Babe, we didn't have sex. "And so he woke me up and we had to have sex. (laughs)- Uh. . . Yeah, I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty sick of this right now. - Definitely don't wanna bone anymore. - Yeah, I'm kinda gettin' sick of bonin', to be honest with you. I'm not saying I'm not happy. - No. - I'm just saying I'm a little annoyed. I'm a little annoyed. - A little annoyed. - So it's the morning of day eight and last night Kevin and I failed. It's pretty upsetting because we failed so early. This moving into a new place has been a pretty emotional road block. - This is a sad day and last night we didn't make it. I think our schedules just weren't lining up and it finally caught up with us. (soft instrumental music)- Have you noticed that your relationship has changed?

I guess I used to cum every time and now I only cum 50 percent of the time. - You can enjoy the journey of making love and having sex even more than the destination, 'cause orgasm doesn't equal sex. - I don't think we have been enjoying it as much as we used to. - So I think for the remainder of the challenge it would be great if you could make it more fun, more playful. Share your sexual fantasies erotically. (laughs)- And take turns initiating the sex, the kind of sex, so more variety. - Once we get into it, I love it, but it's just the getting into it that's now become harder. - It's like, let's take one of my favorite things to do on this planet and turn it into a chore. - To get started you just have to get naked. You have to look at each other, you can hug, right?- Oh yeah. So I guess moving forward one of our goals is to make sure that it doesn't become burdensome and it doesn't--- It's not a chore. - Yeah. - No, it won't, if you set your intentions and I think what you can do is have the intention to have romantic sex tonight, sensual sex tomorrow, kinky sex the next day. - I feel like lately, and if I can be honest here, I feel like my dick is gonna fall off. (laughs)- So far it's a scheduling nightmare just because I have shit to do, he has shit to do. For me, it's a helpful experiment for me to be like,you just have to decide to have sex.

So what do you want the outcome to be after the 30 days?- I think that we wanna have more sex. - But I think you guys are really having fun with this. - [Dimitri] We're havin' a blast. - I'm impressed. - How's it been going for everybody else? Everyone else okay?(laughs)- We've missed four days already. When you have a challenge like this, it's hard to really get horny about it. Pretty over it. - I'm back on board. I'm sorry I ever said anything negative. - It's definitely less of a thing. Once it's in the routine, it's in the routine. - We learned to accept it, I think. - I think so. - And it just became fun again. We had a dip there, couple weeks ago, we had a bit of a dip. - God, it was so not fun then. - Yeah, it wasn't fun. It's great, I am so on board for this. - Yeah, everybody should do it. - Everybody should do this at least once.  - [Suki] At least try it. - [Kevin] I think we're both looking forward to the end of it. Found some new stuff about what we're like as a couple. I don't recommend this at all. It was something I thought I could do and push through it and it got the best of me and Mallory I'd say. (soft jazz music)- [Both] We did it. - I guess. - Almost made it. - We had to stop short. I got a cold and then he got the flu. - Our private parts survived. - That's a feat. - Yeah. - We looked like a pile of laundry on top of another pile of laundry. (laughs)- People who have sex every day, I give you guys props.

Whoo. - If you had asked me week one if we would finish, I would have said, "Go fuck yourself. "- We were just really ambitious and the moment we fell behind it was really hard to pick up the pieces. - This was vastly more challenging than we expected. - Way more challenging. - We're probably not gonna continue to have sex every day, but I definitely think we'll continue to have more sex. No one wants to work out. You do that anyway. - You do it anyway. - It makes you feel good.

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