Can we make our tomatoes ripen faster?, How do we can...?

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"I have lots of small green tomatoes on my plants.” I don't think they will ripen before frost. "Is there a way to speed up ripening?" 

And this is from Natalie in East Memphis. 

Mary, do you have tomatoes at home?
- I do, we grew a couple, until our new puppy dug some of them up this year. But we got a couple that made it through the puppy stage.
- Okay. Do you have any green ones that need to be ripened?

- Well my husband loves fried green tomatoes, so that's one way you can use your green tomatoes. - Why ripen?- Yeah, fried green tomatoes.- You can't beat a fried green tomato. - So there you go.
Anything, Mr.  D, to help ripen those green tomatoes?- You know, if they're starting to turn, and you've got a bunch of them, and they're starting to turn a little bit so you can take them off and let them ripen on the windowsill. - [Chris] Oh yeah, grandma did that.
- That's always a thing you can do. But don't worry about it, watch the weather, and when the weatherman says you're gonna get a killing frost tonight, go out there and pick them all. Take everything off and then the green ones, fried green tomatoes.

- I know another old, this is old school, from the grandparents, they used to actuallyput some of those green tomatoes in a bag with a banana.
- [Mike] Yeah?
- Ethylene gas helps to expedite the ripening process. So they just put it in a bag with an apple or a banana, and then a couple days later, it's red.
- I think you can make some relishes that you can make with green tomatoes, green tomato relishes? But also pretty good.
- [Chris] Pretty good.

- Yeah, green tomatoes. - Yeah, fried green tomatoes. I like Mary's idea. I think I like it a lot better.


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