Jackie Chan's Rules For Success

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He's a Hong Kong actor film director-producer stuntman and singer he knows for performing his own stunts. he is a cultural icon jackée and years that thing those basics look why-why do we change everything opposite Busan be me, just me.

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Jackie change that takes a lot of confidence yeah I'm building it also I really thank you. you know the producer to see you. he said ok do whatever you like to do yeah change notice lee comedy when pussy licking hi.... I can glow when Bruce Lee after punch I just back how no just like a normal human being normal.

when I was young I'm fighting on street 1 by 10 why not somebody out to buy one that has somebody down 3 I'd rather way so in the movie do this everything I just everything used in the movie.

it's my real life to choose two quick things to my own way even though I try to get an American market they don't like my idea don't they don't like this kind of humor and Marshall are fighting. I just insist even a come back to Hong Kong. I go my own way risk my life for doing that Jackie Chan style I never give up even though I fell down the US and never give up still and-and not because I American market changed my own style for after 15 years now the whole Hollywood action everybody want to learn from me a test I do get that the right things so this will always tell the people, not because one… one thing's for down you just give up never give up never give up one day you see in the old day when a starter action movies.

I…. I just make audience laughing ---you know a lot of funny things you know holiday / edges and kick the ball in this is that you have a really had that yeah but slowly slowly from the audience from the audience of from the media, I special from the fence they write the letter or now I have a baby so said I cannot see the movie because the dirty work because the dirty action because this all those years I changed attention attention attention to change but with all the dirty things still can make audience laughing that's a difficult is the audience on a fence or the media to teach me becoming a good filmmaker when you see the famous people while so successful you don't know behind the story how tough they are what they're gonna like people while checking the move so good when everybody sleep I still in a health club in the mirror practicing, practicing like this and what which and for club 60 clocking up on the set then you something to do something are very beautiful oh yeah go back in again
okay but there's a snakeheads up small is this snake time ok you create more things some other crazies done if I think I cannot do it already canceled it you know some really crazy things you I believe I can do it already do it like was like jumped over the building Joe crash by the hovercraft jump of the light 72 feet high with no net and this so many things so many things even today I look at the old film look at myself sometimes is mine.

I'm glad even I know I get hurt I brought my and go. I'm so happy I did it if today. I cannot do it anymore yeah I'm so whatever you want to do what ,whenever you I always tell the students whatever you do do the way you young do it. you might get hurt ,are you learning a piano you're learning a mashallah between between ten and twenty ten years learn whatever you can this year like me I just do ten years later now forever the things you learn or the and the success i have forever don't regret one day ah i should do it right now actually don't know it's too late ,do it when you were young I think the user directory we have a responsibility for your own Society for family or form for the world so I hope we can unite together to make the better it will be for the world for the piece for the for everything yeah not just making money ,you cannot leave forever the movie you can live forever everybody know how do you feel when people copy you know. I'm not happy that means I'm the success right yeah it also pushes you right and also pushes me I want a different like what I doing a comedy did your company. we're doing a actually doing action ok how can a different ok begin to start w copy and that means that once everybody okay check it did you know that was that again they just continue doing that dangerous done every day when it on the set i just do the best I can every movie that I I risked my life that does the things, not for the beginning is not for the fans ,yeah it for myself because I have to do the best I can then lately becoming my treatment while Jackie risked his life to move when I'm making a movie after the finished the movie is done I ask myself can my movie showing my children yes then I like I I let my children just to see it then if  my children can see the whole world you can see I don't have a cookie-cutter school when I was younger every day just fighting training and I am a very bad boy when I was young really my parents in Australia just by myself every day what I see what r is against and raising car fighting people beating people that the area when I see so I was very lucky I didn't join the detritus I'd enjoy the mafia two curves I clear ,yeah that's that we all friends here on the table ok everybody to have 300 us ok 400 then we can sell to drop the top then we can get 900 back and then everybody gets 300 then check it come on and look at them .

I was like 16 something I because I promised my father never get more flavor try. it never get any more for it drops never get you over in the casino gambling as a sorry my I promised my father are come on don't beat our 300 you can just start sorry because that promise is a promise then I never get involved this kind of things the bats story for me I think when I was young I'm doing an underground fighting with bruce lee and I was just behind the camera hole waiting that just see pussy power
haha... then I just you run out to die then we pump our Sutton E my eyes are black because he's just one stick right on my hair haha... you missed it but I just I do nothing that I am and I just fell no the dizzy but it's okay I look at the Bruce Lee personally doesn't do anything you look at everybody and keep acting turn around back into the direct and see cut then he just so the to stick to turn around oh what a good he run to me and lift me up I'm sorry I'm sorry and actually I'm not paying anymore because no young guy and me very tough but it's certainly I don't know why I just pretend very painful oh I just want booty hoe me along as always there is care is it Oh on the doing the whole day every time you look at me like this.

Ok, and I think that's the best moment then somehow he was going to me what your name is in my name jacket what style of learning as a southern style well okay then talk to me jakiya Jackie jack.

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