Best Motivational Tips: TAKE RISKS OF LIFE

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when you no longer fear to die what else can life threatening you with what else, see when. when you are willing to risk all of it yes that's ,what life is so you got to be willing to give it all up when you're willing to throw it all on the line that's when life takes on a whole new dimension the most people won't do that, they won't risk that, so decided to take some risks you want to break the routine.

most people go through life following that routine and we know that, that is a living death going through life playing it safe is if they could like a breathing corpse because the only way that you can grow you've got to risk the only way that you can become your best you have got the risk you gotta challenge yourself you've got to venture into the unknown you got to take some chances got to put you on the line so in order to have that sense of fulfillment getting out of your comfort zone as you get out of your comfort zone you expand your whole life the more you do the more you realize you can do you expand your capacity you expand your potential you expand your horizons you expand your vision of yourself and of life you expand your participation in life. you involved in life more you'll get more out of life because you're putting more into life than most people. that's why it's so important that we are willing to take the risk.

I don't know exactly what to do it's okay you'll find out you even learn that you're going in the right direction of the wrong direction and from that you learn you'll get some feedback the universe will tell you, where do I get started? just get started the universe will give you immediate feedback hear something else choose to be happy and spite of life's challenges, in spite of life challenge.

life changes every day sometimes things will be going your way sometimes things work well for you sometimes won't work so well sometimes you have your health you feeling good and energetic have a yes I can't attitude and-and there's some things that can happen to you in life that can take all of that from you all of that can go sometime you might be financially secure and a 6-1 sickness can wipe out an illness I've always changed but you can choose you can choose in the midst of all of this is going on to be happy in spite of the good times and in the bad times you can make a choice so even if a clot of sorrow comes over here and it's fine today living in the moment getting everything we can out of where we are at the moment where we are right now living in the present the other thing is willingness to let people and things go want to live a life of fulfillment you've got to be willing to let certain people go in your life.

don't get addicted to material things be willing to let things or people go when they're no longer good for you just let him go just a hole on two nations Lee really doesn't make really good six alright just many times we do it because we don't realize that we might desire but we don't need it next thing is face the truth about life and deal with a lot of people when someone in their life and love very much dies they allow it to take such a toll on them they make themselves miserable and they literally will themselves to die early because they feel without this person they have nothing to look forward to and no life has other opportunities all the relationships other experiences for us and the people that we love really want us to go on another thing is things going to happen to you here in order to have a fulfilling life knowing that that thing is going to happen to expect the unexpected whatever happens to you use everything for your upliftment learning and growth everything that happens use it for your upliftment learning and grow in the midst of it as what can I learn from this what can I get from the how do I end up here.

what's the blessing in this for me-ask yourself that whatever it is and don't let it go until you get your blessing out of it because there's a blessing there there's a lesson there there's something for you in everything that happens to you for you to learn from that experience look at it examine it analyzed it dissected take it apart and tell it reveals itself to you and then get what you need from that and move on whatever happens do you turn it to your advantage whatever you do do it in a consciousness of love see if-if you if you love what you do and if you decide to love people to make wherever you are an experience of love just decide to be a loving person regardless if the people you around a loving and not see love is not an emotion love is not something you can give you-you can't give love you must be love you've got to be a loving person so as you operate in that consciousness and this comes not just overnight with enlightenment or insight or just the one recommending that but with practice and practice and practice and doing it and doing it and doing it and working consciously.

how do you do that how went with all of the evil things and evil people how you do that one of the things is we've got to practice to be non-judgmental to suspend judgment I feel that we can all make that decision and through practice. practice of being loving and giving out what we want that we can become that kind of person in spite of the circumstances love is absolutely invincible but there is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer, no disease that enough love will not heal no door that enough love will not open no gulf that enough love will not bridge no wall that enough love will not throw down no sin that enough love will not redeem it makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble how hopeless the outlook how modeled the tangle how great the mistake a sufficient realization of love will dissolve at all if only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world decided to be a loving experience in life that whatever work you have to do. do it lovingly and whatever relationships that you have just decided to be more loving more giving more carrying more concern more sensitive than you've ever been before but what if you don't get it back.

it would be great if you get it back you would be great but don't count on it you might get it back and you might not but don't let someone else determine ,who you're going to be being, who you are give what you want why because you want it back no do it because that's who you are do it because that's how you decided to live your life do it because it gives your life since the fulfillment and work and self-respect when we get off sinner when we allow people or circumstances to determine whether or not we are loving because of the way they treat us all because of what we are experiencing and we are not operating at cause in our lives.

we are not controlling our destiny we're not determining what happens to us and for us and that's the power that we have been given the power to choose ye this day hope you answered, who answered those negative feelings and emotions anybody can hate anybody could be revenge holes and some people rather get revenge then get ahead in life anybody can do that if I can hold a grudge doesn't take any greatness on that don't need any motivation and encouragement hold a grudge have some resentment in your heart and some bitterness but the real challenge about growth and moving into your greatness about being who you are being true to you as you go toward your goals and your dreams spring for with a mighty fate to write the book that also be written by you just saying the song that also be sung by you to start the business that ought to be started by you, to help the people that ought to be helped by you, to make the difference in our society that ought to be made by you.

determine what is my life work what is the work that I ought to do. how is it that I can make my life a great experiment. how is it, that I can make the contribution that I showed up to give something that, when I go to sleep at night, I can feel good within myself and know that I have given life, my very best .


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