Top 10 STRANGEST Holes, on Planet Earth

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From fiery holes that seemed like the gates of hell are opening to grouping sinkhole that swallowed enormous amounts of water too mysterious holes with the alleged sacred biblical artifacts the bottom. these are the top 10 strangers holes on planet Earth

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10-the Darvaze Gas crater

Top 10 STRANGEST Holes, on Planet Earth

in Turkmenistan is the burning stinking so furious crater known as the gate to hell in 1971 Soviet engineers were drilling the area known to hold one of the largest deposits of natural gas when the pocket became depleted enough it can no longer sustain the weight of the drilling rig which collapsed into the Creator rather than let the noxious gases escape they let it on fire assuming you would burn out in a week or so it's still burning more than 40 years later.

9- the well of CHAND BAORI

legend has it that this 13-story water well was carved out of the rock by spirits in a single night and dedicated to the Hindu goddess of happiness there are 3500 perfectly symmetrical steps leading to the bottom which is about 10 degrees cooler than it is at the surface over a thousand years ago it was using the public gathering place today. it's a popular movie shoot location that was most famously cast as batman's prison and the dark knight rises.

the well of CHAND BAORI

8-the KTB (KOLA) super-deep Bore Hole

starting in nineteen eighty-two the German Ministry of research began a scientific exploration drilling program deep into the Earth's crust that would last more than 12 years and cost when the third of a billion dollars their most expensive geoscience project ever the project completed at five and a half miles deep where they measure temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit and recorded for the first time ever the ultrasonic sound the Earth's heartbeat.

7-the Guatamala City Sink Hole

Top 10 STRANGEST Holes, on Planet Earth

in 2010 a massive hole suddenly opened up in the middle of the city and swallowed a three-story factory house along with 15 people inside the cause was attributed to Tropical Storm Agatha which impacted Guatemala just three days after the eruption of a volcano Pacaya the resulting ash flows overloaded the city's drainage system and quickly dissolved huge pockets of buried volcanic deposits that the city was built on causing the surface to collapse.

Top 10 STRANGEST Holes, on Planet Earth

6-Siberian Mystery Craters

yet another new geological phenomena was discovered in 2014 when a reindeer herder discovered a 200-foot crater in a remote area known as the end of the world scientists found two more craters and determine that due to a ring of debris surrounding the outside of the craters that they were not caused by a sinkhole or meteor impact but that something must have exploded from the melting permafrost like a methane bubble or perhaps escaped like something very deep in the earth waiting for the right time to leave.

Siberian Mystery Craters

5-Indiana Dunes National Park

an amazing new geological phenomenon was only discovered in the last few years when shifting sands have suddenly opened up massive sinkholes beneath travelers feet in one case a six-year-old was swallowed entirely and instantly buried in more than 11 feet of sand geologists have performed barrages of tests including ground-penetrating radarbut still, cannot explain the cause the park remains indefinitely closed due to safety concerns.

Indiana Dunes National Park

4-Monticello Dam Hole

this majestic spill whole also known as the glory hole is part of the month cello dam in napa county California this is the largest spill hole in the world and leads down a 304 foot or 9 3 meter tall hole which drains out however the bottom of the Dan personally I can imagine being pulled into this massive hole while massive amounts of water drain through it obviously swimming is not permitted anywhere near the hole when it's not in use bikers and skateboarders use the bottom of the hole as a half pipe imagine doing this when you suddenly begin to hear the low rumble of water rushing down the pipe. 
Monticello Dam Hole

3-The Devil's Sinkhole

this text National Natural Landmark is an enormous vertical cabin 50 feet wide and 350 feet deep historically it's been used as a place of the shelter by early American settlers and countless generations of Native Americans evidence by the many arrowheads and other artifacts discovered there. it's also the home to more than 3 million very creepy residents as one of the largest colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats interestingly this makes sunsets at the whole a popular tourist attraction.


ooh you in central Turkey a man was renovating his traditional home when he discovered a hidden room with a covered hold the wall investigation revealed that the opening led to a massive man-made cave system that has been carved out of the rock over 3,000 years ago to form an underground city complete with ventilation shafts and fresh running water as many as 20,000 residents and their livestock took refuge from Marauders there for months at a time.

1-the Oak Island money pit

in 1795 witnesses thought they saw pirates burying treasure on a small coastal island in Nova Scotia so they started digging and digging and digging to over a hundred and thirty feet deep with tantalizing Clues revealed every 10 feet or so some promising a treasure worth hundreds of millions or perhaps much… much more for over 200 years now various treasure hunters and investment firms have spared no expense in attempting to find the buried treasure. earning the site its nickname the money pit for people has even died to try to reach the treasure in addition to hundreds of millions in Spanish pirate gold many clues also point to this being the place where the Knights Templar buried the Ark of the Covenant.


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