How To Naturally Unblock Your Sinuses

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Hi, guys so a lovely somebody asked me the other day he or she is having problems with their sinuses and they're asking some ways to help unblock it and some ways to prevent it from happening and also how to take care of it.

so instead of writing an essay long response i thought why not do a video on first of all what are the sinuses pretty much this area of your face which is kinda almost like an upside-down butterfly you have the frontal sinus you have it on the side and also the back of your nose as well the reasons why we have sinuses is unclear they have a couple of theories one is that it actually humidified the air that we breathe another is that it gives our boy some sort of depth it's probably why some people might sound a lot better when they're sick will have a blocked nose and some dirt weird.

I don't know as for me you may or may not know that I constantly almost quite often have a blocked nose, in fact, one of my most viral video the face mapping video actually recorded it with a blocked nose here today I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks
on how to better take care of you knows and how to block your nose the natural way so first of all let's talk about what are some of the factors that cause sinus problems.

1-cold and flu
3-environmental triggers
4-some people actually have an extra sinus which means it gives less room for the others.
5-sometimes when you get an injury or you can actually be genetics that your sinuses can have deviated which means it's more lopsided therefore causing sometimes breathing problems as well as snoring.

6-somebody will actually born genetically with smaller sinus passageways which means there are more easily to be blocked and can have more problems last but not least some people are born with extra sensitive sinuses which means any type of irritant or toxins or environmental you know pollutants and things like that can cause it to flare up and therefore block your sinuses.

so here are some habits that you can incorporate into daily life that can not only help protect the sinuses but prevent from having any problems in the future

1-use the face towel dampen it with warm to hot water squeeze dry and lay that over your face for about two minutes do this both morning and night after you wash your face

2-make sure you drink plenty of fluids because that will help to dilute the mucus

3-take a really hot shower and stand in the shower and breathe in the steam that will help to clear the passageway

4-avoid going from extreme hot to extreme cold. so when you're sweating don't take off all your clothes all of a sudden and when you're cold make sure you put on more clothes.
5-eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods such as spinach apples and carrots and of course there are a lot of environmental triggers that can make your sinuses blocked so go see your local GP find out what are you allergic to in some cases you might need to get a saline nasal spray medication or even surgery to help drain your sinuses but of course let's firstly try these three are home remedies to help naturally unblock your nose.

Number one well some vinegar in a pot and then place your head over the pot and breathe in the vinegar while you do this pressure .

First pressure, use both your index fingers place it one next to your nostrils and press down and then do small little messages.

the second one is actually slightly above right in the hollows of your eyes and that should instantly unblock your nose number two you know scallions Porsche lots of spring onions or whatever you want to call it probably my West night man you cut off the last three centimeters which are the white pot and then you slice it vertically in half and then you place the sticky side which is the inside on these pressure points and he lay it on top and it will instantly a block your nose if that doesn't work grab your cotton tip Rob all that sticky stuff from the inside of this gallery and then you can actually wipe it in your nostrils and that will instantly unblock your nose.

I know it sounds gross but if you have a really bad case of on Block knows that will walk and number three if you haven't already watched my hair dry video you should know that you can use your hairdryer and blow it on your noise just make sure that it's at least 20 centimeters away and it works about five minutes.

So if you have a runny nose and the forward is clear you can just make yourself a brown sugar ginger tea that should help clear it straight away if however your mucus is kind of colored then there is an indication or some sort of bacterial or viral infection in that case.

I’ll suggest you to go see your doctor and make sure that they either put you on antibiotics or some sort of nasal spray my last tip and advice is that avoid blowing your nose as much as possible because sometimes it can cause damage to not only your nose your eyes your ears and your throat so make sure you breathe in so you actually going to suck the mucus down your throat instead I know it sounds terrible and it's really gross but that's a way to protect both your eyes ears nose and throat alright guys I hope this video was somewhat helpful if you have any questions leave your comments below and as usually can find me on Facebook…………..

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