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My name is Mickael Moore. I live in Prosper, Texas,and my Flow Hives are in my backyardand I really enjoy having 'em. I'm a retired engineer. Retired from the aircraft industry up in Kansas. I had bees when I was in Kansasbut they weren't mine, they belonged to somebody else. 

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In Kansas I had a bunch of fruit treesand I always wanted to make sure they got pollinated. So, that was one of the main reasonsfor getting the honeybees, was pollination,but the honey is a benefit of it. When I'd seen the advertisement for the Flow Hives,it really made it interesting to mebecause I've had back surgery beforeand one of the things that scared methe most about raising honeybeesis having to lift a whole frame of honey,and the first thing back blow out. I said you know,that'll make it easy so I can move a frameafter I empty it. So that's why I was interested in this,I'm gonna get in on that. 

I find it difficult not to go out there almost every dayand open it up and see what they've done. You know, because it's amazing to get to see,watch'em workin' that stuff so,I think it'd be great for old men like methat got grandkids that wanna see what's going on,and do it safely and that stuff,you know without having to be in a complete bee suit. You can just watch'em. I've watched my granddaughter sit thereand watch'em for 30 minutes,just see what they're doing. I have one grandson he wants to be,I don't know what they call'embut he wants to study bugs. He wants to be a professor of bugs is what I call him. I wanted to make sure my bees were successfulin producing enough honey,and I thought about it and did some research and stuff,and I started researching the kind of plantsand that stuff that would produce the most honeyfor the longest period of time for the year. 

I found out that they'reand if I made a sweet blossom clover,which you can sproutand just spread the seed outon the ground near in the Fall,if it sprouts early Falland let it sprout in the next Summer,it will produce flowers and blossoms. So I did a lot of research on flowersand plants that bees could useand found out real quick you know,don't plant anything with red flowerscause bees can't see red,and I go they can't see red?You know, okay, I'll take the word there you know but,the yellow and white flowers,they love it and of course when I planted the clover,I'd go out there almost every other dayto see if it's sproutand how it was growing cause I was so intrigued with it. 

Just walk out there and see what was going onand I loved to watch it start growingso it's been a journey. I like to see things grow. If you have the opportunity,look up and study the type of plants they likeand put a bunch of plants. Not just one or two,but if you got a couple acres,plant the whole thing for your bees can forage in itand get the nectar you want it to. You know I love to go out thereand stand in the middle of my clover fieldand watch the bees fly around because to methat's amazing to watch these little critterswork their hearts out just to do what they do.

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