The Shape Of Your Nose Describes A Ton of Your Character

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We will learn about the shape of your nose tells a ton about your personality please pay attention as much as it sounds strange the shape of your nose may actually reveal a lot about your personality this was confirmed by a study led by Professor Abraham Tamir from the bank urien university of the Negev in Israel which results were published in the Journal of craniofacial surgery here are the 8 knows forms in their meaning.

1-the Nubian knows, this form is characterized by its length with the bridge sitting straight while the white point of the nose is pointed downwards people with this nose shape are curious and inquisitive always positive and trying to accommodate others they are loved by everyone and have a solution to every problem.

2-the greek knows, this shape is recognizable by the narrow length and straight from people with this nose shape are reserved and never liked being in the center of attention they are practical and loyal but also withdrawn.

3-the hook nose, this nose shape resembles a bird speak it has been from the base to the tip people with this nose shape our creative and self-sacrificing and defend their beliefs without being afraid to take risks in order to reach their goals.

4-the arch nose just like the hook nose shape, the arch nose is curved from the nasal bone to the pointy tip people with this nose shape are determined and closely connected with their jobs.

5-the button nose, this nose shape is short and dane g and it is also the most popular of all forms button nose shape people are spontaneous in their decisions very strong-minded and always want to get right down at business they are also determined in getting what they want.

6-the straight nose, this nose shape is common for Asia it is straight in a bit flat with wide nostrils and round tip people with this nose shape have a strong temperamental and passionate character they tend to get angry if you try their patience.

7-the concave knows, this nose shape is slightly arched on the nose bone and people who have it are considered generous and ready to help everyone they are easily offended and hurt.

8-the crooked nose, although the name is not flattering people who have this nose shape have a loving character the bridge of this nose shape stands out in the tip, is very round people with crooked noses are tuned in what they do they are good listeners and wonderful friends and partners now.

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