How do we get rid of ants around our purple tops? , What can we do to destroy of the ants

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"I planted purple top seeds "and now I see all kinds of ants.” What can I do to destroy of the ants and not hurt the purple top plants?

 And this is from Bobby in Crump, Tennessee, so thank you, Mr.  Bobby, from Crump, Tennessee.
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So, what can he use to destroy the ants and not hurt the purple top plant?

- Well, I wonder how he planted them. I wonder if they're in rows or if it's just broadcast because if they were in rows, he could just disturb the soil around them real easily and the ants would go somewhere else.

- I would think so, you just disturb them, they'll eventually move away. What are some other options though?

- Well, you could bait them, you know, use baits like the granular baits, but away from the plants themselves so the ants would find them. Close, but not on top of the plants. - Yeah, so the baits or disturbing them, I think would be good enough. But you know something else I'm thinking about too? Usually, when you see ants and when you have ants, aphids are not too far behind. - Oh, that could be, yeah, he might have an aphid problem.

- I'm wondering if you need to check for aphids, because you may have an aphid problem because we do know that the ants will farm the aphids for honeydew, so check and see if you have aphids. If you have aphids, a stream of water, just knock 'em off, whatever the case may be, and the ants will go somewhere else. So I think you might need to check for that as well.


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